300 MW hydro­electric power

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170 ha shovel-ready land

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Two weeks building permit

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100% green renewable energy

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One hour from Oslo and OSL

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Zero hassle

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Site characteristics
  • Up to 100 ha of flat land on stable and well drained compact gravel soil.
  • Zoned for industrial use.
  • Large greenfields with some internal roads and infrastructure.
  • New and extended zoning in progress.
  • Municipal building permit approval in two weeks.
  • Several brownfield and HPC sites
Power supply
  • Idle capacity of more than 100 MW available at 22 kV adjacent to site.
  • Additional dedicated 132 kV/200+MW substation can be constructed on site.
  • 3 independent 132 kV substations 1 km away, supplied from two High Voltage TSO substations, 420 kV and 300kV.
  • Additionally, 3 hydropower stations in river Begna adjacent to site with an accumulated power of 51 MW.
Site access & distance
  • Direct access from national highway E16 along 2-lane paved local road, 0 – 2 km.
  • Oslo International Airport is 70 km / 60 minutes away.
  • Oslo city is 60 km / 60 minutes away (1 million inhabitants including suburbs).
  • The town of Hønefoss is 3 km away (19 000 inhabitants). Drammen harbour is 65 km / 60 minutes away.
  • Up to 1000 l./sec of filtered river water available for cooling.
  • Cool Nordic climate.
  • Potential of connection to district heating system
  • Redundant dark fiber available adjacent to site
  • Can be offered from at least five providers.


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Site spec sheet

The site folder can now be downloaded here.


Site video & images

View the site from the sky in video and images by Frank Tverran. In may 2016 the experienced drone pilot Frank Tverran filmed this unique footage that documents the sites potential through its unique location, topography and neighboring infrastructure and nature


Together with industrial stakeholders in Ringerike and the Oslo region, the local authorities have examined the possibility of establishing major global data centres on our site.

Work so far has concluded that the environment on this location is excellent for the data storage industry, and provide conditions that makes our site one of the best location for big data centers in Europe.

Oslo Data Center Location in the Oslo business Region, offer data center locations near to international transportation with a low cost and high efficiency due to the preconditions in the ground, with the established infrastructure, and the general public regulatory framework in Norway.

170 acres (69 ha) of flat land, with established infrastructure, on stable and well drained compact gravel soil makes this location building ready, and the municipality offers fixed time plans for detailed zoning and building permit approval.

All this you will find no more than an hour from the national airport, the capitol and the harbor.

View video/photos from the site

Contact us

Kjell B. Hansen

This demonstrates that Ringerike is an attractive region for international industries. It also shows that our region is important in terms of the green shift and the development of the Norwegian mainland economy through the creation of new and forward-looking jobs. If we succeed, we will see investment in the billions and the creation of hundreds of new jobs. This fits in well with the investments that are being made in the new E16 and the Ringerike railline.

Kjell B. Hansen, mayor 2015-19


Technical issues:

Mr. Jan-Erik Brattbakk

CEO Ringerikskraft Nett

+47 970 96 206
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Postal address

Oslo Data Center Location
Hvervenmoveien 33
N-3502 Hønefoss

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Hvervenmoveien 33,
N-3502 Hønefoss

Business / hospitality:

Mr. Pelle Gangeskar

Ringerikskraft / Oslo DCLO, Chief Business Development

+47 911 13 636
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Postal address

Oslo Data Center Location
Hvervenmoveien 33
N-3502 Hønefoss

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Hvervenmoveien 33,
N-3502 Hønefoss

Local government:

Mr. Terje Dahlen

Director General of Strategic Development

+47 952 24 171
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Postal address

Ringerike Kommune
Pb 123 sentrum
N-3502 Hønefoss

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Town Hall,
Rådhuset Osloveien 1,
N-3502 Hønefoss